Our Services

Tree Felling


Our primary service is tree felling and removing your tree. We can fell and dismantle trees up to a certain size.  We can also process and remove your tree should you require.

Garden Clearance


If you have a garden that is overgrown with shrubs and trees you may require a clearance. This process involves the clearing of trees and shrubs in order for other works to be carried out such as a garden redesign.

Crown work


Crown work can include having your tree's lower branches removed to allow more light or space into your garden. Or perhaps have the branches thinned out to give a less dense appearance? We can also do a  10-30% overall crown reduction. 

Stump Removal


For small and medium sized trees we can remove your tree's stump to completely prevent any further grow back. 

Rope Access


Using rope access we are able to dismantle your tree if it is  unable to be felled.  Rope access will also allow us to carry out any work within the crown.

Hedge/Shrub Removal


Hedges are often an appealing boundary marker they attract wildlife, prevent noise and offer a level of privacy.  We would always encourage our clients to maintain their hedges.  However we appreciate that hedges do require a lot of attention and for whatever reason you may prefer an alternative option such as a fence or screen.  

Please get in touch for an initial consultation and no obligation quote.

All projects will be subject to a risk assessment, this can include taking into consideration a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Any tree can have a TPO. No pruning, shaping, cutting, removing or felling can be done on a tree with a TPO. The same applies to trees in a conservation area. Consent must be gained from the local planning department before any work can be carried out. Applications can take up to 6 weeks.