Our Services

Tree Felling/Dismantling


There are many reasons for the complete removal of a tree, whether it be a dangerous tree that is diseased, dying, subject to hazardous splits or cavities or simply that it is in the wrong place for someone.

Depending on the surroundings there are various ways a tree surgeon may take down a tree, if it has plenty of room around it we can look at felling it from the ground in a controlled and safe manor or if it is in a tight spot we can climb and remove it in smaller sections.

Crown Thinning & Uplift


Crown thinning is a good way to let light in to the crown of a tree by removing deadwood and rubbing branches which can cause disease.  We can also crown lift trees to let light in underneath the tree, so if you have smaller shrubs of even other trees under a large tree that are not doing particularly well due to lack of light we can lift the crown up to let the light under.

Crown Reduction


The main reason people tend to reduce the crown of the tree is to gain more light into their garden. However, people may wish to reduce a tree to minimise the risk of failure, if a large tree has a dense crown this can act as a sail during windy weather and put stress on unions further down the tree.

Later on this may lead to failure of certain branches or even the main trunk. Reducing the crown even by a small amount will dramatically minimise the sail effect this has on the tree.

Hedge Trimming & Removal


Hedges are often an appealing boundary marker they attract wildlife, prevent noise and offer a level of privacy.  We would always encourage our clients to maintain their hedges and offer a hedge trimming service.  However we appreciate that hedges do require a lot of attention and for whatever reason you may prefer an alternative option such as a fence or screen.  


Garden Tidy Up & Clearance


If you have a garden that is overgrown with shrubs and trees you may require a clearance. This process involves the clearing of trees and shrubs in order for other works to be carried out such as a garden redesign.

Stump Removal


Stump grinding  is the process of grinding out a tree stump and protruding roots to a depth of approx 6-12 inches under the ground’s surface using a specialist stump grinding machine. This process will allow you to re-instate the area for landscaping, new planting or just to improve the aesthetics of your garden/drive area.